Frugal Luxuries: Christmas Secrets...Part Four...

Below you will find an excerpt from "FRUGAL LUXURIES BY THE SEASONS";written by Tracey McBride; published by Bantam Books, NY, 2000



Now is the season in which to make use of the wondrous ribbon collection you have been gathering throughout the year. Pull from you Gift Pantry(tm) the fine organdy and wired French-style ribbons you bought on sale after last Christmas, and mingle them with the more humble ribbons you have made from vintage clothes, linens, and doilies garnered from tag sales and flea markets. I have been using ribbons made from recycled fabrics since my college years, when I used pinking sheers to make strands of red-and-white gingham ribbon from one of my father's cast-off shirts. I have also had no qualms recycling pieces of ribbon that I have received as gifts, or found at yard sales, thus my generously sized ribbon basket is filled with layer upon layer of ribbon-y treasures.

The bow shown above was composed of pinching a round doily in the center, then hot-gluing a snippet of ribbon around it to secure.
Thread a longer ribbon through it and attach to a gift
hot-glue it to a head-band or a barrette-clip and it transforms into a retro-style hair ornament for the little girl in your life (or the little girl in yourself)!
Hint: This is a great way to use those slightly damaged or imperfect doilies or linens that are just too pretty to throw out ...als0...
If you prefer a stiff look to the bow (as opposed to the floppier, natural look) simply iron it... using a heavy spray starch...allow it to cool before pinching into a bow shape. One more thing...
If you are tired of using it as a bow, simply peel off the center ribbon and use as a doily again.
I demonstrated this...and other re-cycled linen projects... on HGTV's Carol Duvall can see our segment page on HGTV's website...and get more of our creative ideas for "embellishing the ordinary" using vintage and leftover linens. Click here to view....