Home-Baked Coconut Flour Muffins (Gluten and Sugar Free)

As promised, here is the basic recipe for the gluten/sugar free muffins I wrote about!
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(Exercising) The Art of Frugality.

"Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship." 
 -Benjamin Franklin

How are you practicing the art of frugality lately?
Here are some of the ways I've recently exercised the art...plugging the small leaks in my ship.   

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Homespun Alchemy™ ... In the Kitchen
Lacto-fermented carrots and garlic after about eight days of fermentation

"You are an alchemist; make gold of it."
-- William Shakespeare

Several years ago after reading about...and being intrigued by...a somewhat mysterious food-alchemy called "fermentation" ....

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"Discovering... the Forgotten Wealth of Nature"

"It is the thrifty who prepare today for the wants of tomorrow."
~ Aesop (circa 550 BC)

"It was the children who spied them first. Our bare ankles and sandal~ed feet scraped scraped against the cactus~like needles as we stepped gingerly over the vines sprawled across the landscape. They had buried themselves inside a mysterious, shadowy tangle of Pepper and Avocado trees like long forgotten treasure. A colossal patch of blackberries lie before us, not unlike an ethereal gift, the type of gift that night~fairies might leave to mere mortals. The dark glistening berries seemed to blink at the sun's brightness as we gently lifted the brand of an ancient Pepper tree to examine our cache'. Click HERE to continue reading.

Potential Accomplishments and Creating My Day

Potential Accomplishments

Since Mike returned to work a few weeks ago I have been trying to de~clutter my closets and office. This morning I came across several of my old newsletters from the 199o's and early 2000's. (Frugal Times: Making~Do With Dignity which evolved into our Frugal Luxuries newsletters and book series). I confess to spending far too much time reading through them. Happily it wasn't a total waste of time as I rediscovered this little insert in one of the newsletters from 1999 titled "Today's Potential Accomplishments" and decided to put it to use getting my life in order in 2012!
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