Summer Luxuries...DIY S'Mores Kits for Concerts in the Park

DIY S'Mores Kits



Every summer we meet friends and neighbors at our local marina and enjoy the 100 year tradition of city~sponsored concerts in the park. It's a frugal pleasure that we all look forward to and enjoy.

One of the little luxuries we often treat ourselves to...during the evenings of music,food and melting marshmallows over votive candles (very carefully, of course :) and using them to build s'mores! Last week, I promised some of the children that they could count on me to bring the s'mores fixing's for our next concert!

When browsing online this morning I came across these charming little gift~boxed~s'mores~kits from Project Wedding! Of course I fell in love with the way they took these very simple ingredients (see image #2) and repackaged them into charming gift/kits for easy sharing...and as my mind was on the idea of sharing I was compelled to post them here to share with all of you kind souls!!!

If you want to read detailed instructions and see more images be sure to visit HERE!

Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend...and summer.

Love and good thoughts to all.


Tracey and Family