Re-Create Your World: The Power of Focus

Re~Create Your World: The Power of Focus

“You can actually recreate your world with 
The Word of the Creator in your mouth.”       
 --Mark Twain,  The Prince and the Pauper

The classic saying "energy goes to focus" is never truer than when creating a master list of tasks that will direct your thoughts and (consequently) energy in such a way that you bring about the changes you are trying to create. 

This year I aspire to create a better balanced life and accomplish more of my long term goals.  Here are a few ways I plan to do this:
Hand write a daily List.
List: A focusing device that translates thoughts, ideas and inspirations ideas into action.
Use my morning quiet time in a more focused way: 
Use the Word to quietly, positively contribute to the healing and strengthening of the weak areas of my life...our country...our world.
Write. Share. Learn
Set up the craft/guest room desk as a specific area for writing and posting online. Organize my vast library for easier reference...thus minimizing my screen time.
Polish my green(ish) thumb.
Plant a new herb garden in our new a potted dwarf lemon tree...start seeds I saved from last years' heirloom tomatoes.