What is a Homespun Alchemist (tm)?

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Homespun Alchemists!!!

What is a Homespun Alchemist (tm)? They are Kindred Spirits who demonstrate the uncanny abilities to ...

Make Something From Nothing (tm)

(well...almost nothing!).

Today we'll visit THIS INSPIRING POST written by Terri of the PennyAnn Poundwise blog. In it she extents a charming glimpse into her pretty, practical world of lovely living within a limited budget. I highly recommend reading it as she generously shares a plethora of her secrets for making something from nothing...or very little.

I found it to be pure magic and, of course, was very compelled to share it here...with all of you kind kindred spirits...where I know it'll be appreciated.

Love and good thought to all.


Tracey and Family




"The New Can~Do Spirit"...

Recently we wrote HERE about frugal luxuries found in farm~stand bounty.

Imagine our delight when we found THIS very interesting and useful article in the LA Times reporting on the resurgence of the oft forgotten/lost skill of putting~food~by for future meals. It offers some valuable links to canning blogs that I thoroughly enjoyed reading...especially as I'm trying to preserve the bounty of the season in my own kitchen as well!

Hope you find it as interesting and useful as I!

Love and good thoughts to all.


Tracey and Family


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