FREE Printable Pumpkin Stencils...


Better Homes and Gardens site is offering Free Printable Pumpkin Stencils!!

I love the look as well as the idea behind a stenciled pumpkin!

Not only can it save time, because you don't have to cut and carve it,

a stencil simplifies the task of cooking your pumpkin

once you're finished using it as a decoration!

(It also gives the gift of time.

The nature of nature is...

once your pumpkin has been cut and carved

you will need to cook it within about 24 hours.)

We usually boil or roast our pumpkins after the autumn holidays have passed

to create our own pumpkin pack

for delicious homemade pies, pumpkin breads and cookies!

(Simply peel or pare off the painted section of skin before cooking...

we wash it off if the paint is water soluble or use a potato peeler or paring knife

if the paint is more durable.)

Use the FREE patterns to create cute -- or creepy -- pumpkins that will surprise your guests. Simply log in at (or register -- it's free), then open the PDF pattern and print. Size the pattern on a copier if needed. Tape it to your pumpkin and poke the outline of the pattern with a pin before carving your masterpiece!

Or... do as we do and paint within the stencil to create your design,

using non toxic paint such as Tempera

(the type preschoolers use)


a black magic marker!



(Once you're there, simply print our handy PDFs,

then size on a copier and transfer the design to your pumpkin and have fun!