Frugal Luxuries: Christmas Secrets...Part Three...

Below you will find an excerpt from "FRUGAL LUXURIES BY THE SEASONS";written by Tracey McBride; published by Bantam Books, NY, 2000



I enhance my lovingly collected treasures with the blessings of nature from my garden, the produce department at the grocery store, or clippings garnered from neighboring trees and shrubs (always with permission). Occasionally I secure my most festive teacups onto garlands that surround windows and doors, by threading a sturdy attractive ribbon through the cup handles and tying them firmly onto a well-supported portion of the garland. I have yet to lose one to breakage, but several have been commandeered by friends who fell in love with a particular design. If you are reluctant to risk your good cups in this manner, consider acquiring attractive teacups of less quality or value (such as those with hairline cracks or small chips) exclusively for this purpose. You may also embellish holiday trees in a like manner, and holiday wreaths look enchanting with child-size china teacups attached to them.