Frugal Luxuries: Christmas Secrets...Part Two...

Below you will find an excerpt from "FRUGAL LUXURIES BY THE SEASONS";
written by Tracey McBride; published by Bantam Books, NY, 2000.


Enhancing a Little....
Drawing taken from Frugal Luxuries by the Season, by Tracey McBride, Bantam, 2000.
Artist:Alexis Larson Gibson: Copyright 2000, all rights reserved.

Make a small tree seem much larger by setting it atop a trunk or a table, to give it height. Drape a floor-length tablecloth over the table before situating the tree, then use the remaining area of the tabletop to set gifts upon. Surround the floor around the tree-laden table with various sizes and shapes of attractive baskets, prop open an antique trunk, vintage doll stroller, or baskets and fill with larger gifts and/or your favorite collection, or other attractive containers. One year we placed our antique wicker bassinet near the tree as part of our holiday decorating.
.....Other ideas are to use these vessels to display a stuffed bear or doll collection; to collect an overflow of gifts; and/or to hold a bounty of dried flowers, herb bundles, or pine cones. As well, a child's chair, or attractive doll furniture, placed nearby, with a doll or stuffed bear nestled in it (let your children dress them in their prettiest holiday outfits) is another whimsical touch that allows a little to seem like more.