A Gentle Rebellion...

Refusal to Put (some) Things Away for an Entire Year.

Perhaps it's because I'm celebratory in nature...
there are some things that I simply Refuse to Put Away...
just because the calendar tells me I must.

All right, I concede that the tree had to go (sadly)...however...
the strand of wreaths on the valance STAY !

I crafted these wreaths from a simple garland & wire... I also created the cameos adorning it (them).
I will post an upcoming tutorial on how to make the cameos very soon. There used to be a link on the HGTV website (I made one for the Carol Duvall Show right before it went out of production...but HGTV has recently changed their site, so I'm not sure if it's still on there....I'll do a search & let you know :).

The charming, carved wooden Angel ...given to me by my dad several years ago...
also STAYS
... after all... I did borrow it from my kitchen. It transformed into the perfect tree-topper for our Christmas tree (please see first picture).

Notice the wire wings!

I added my own little wreath and a touch of tulle...

Wishing... Gentle Blessings...and...Angelic Delights... to All.