Creative Recycling of the Ordinary (tm) : Rosie's Baby Box

"Time flies...shadows's eternal over all."

You may remember this box from our holiday gift posts...
It is made from one of Rosie's shoe boxes when she was a toddler (it is now about a dozen year's old !). The pretty paper was recycled from a gift received by Katie at the same time.

Click any picture to enlarge.

I used Mod Podge(c) to attach the paper to the box...
then put another coat over the paper to preserve it.

I covered only into the inside rim...otherwise the Mod Podge(c)
becomes sticky thus rendering the box useless for storing things...
I then attached the re-purposed ribbons & faux greenery...
using a hot glue gun (these are the originals).

Here is what it looks like from the bottom and side.

This sweet little box is now a permanent addition to our collection
of family gift has held many items over the years... from china tea sets, porcelain dolls, necklaces and bracelets, to Dior Show mascara and Happy perfume!
As it is re-used from year to year it evokes sweet memories of times past and tiny toes that once wore shoes of elfin proportions.


P.S. Today, I often find those same toes inside my own (not so elfin) shoes & boots!