Faithful HOLIDAY Budgeting... It's Not Too Early to Begin

All the above photos are from Heather's Beauty That Moves Etsy Store.

Start Saving for the Holidays Now Using the...

Envelope System

Many people use the envelope system to save up the cash for their monthly bills (using money orders to pay bills that must be mailed and possibly tracked).

Heather, over at the inspiring blog...

"Beauty That Moves" has charmingly practical fabric envelopes for sale in her Etsy store.

While we are proponents of the monthly envelope system, I find it especially useful when saving for the often cash strapped winter holidays.


Faithful Budgeting

Below is an excerpt taken from "Frugal Luxuries by the Seasons," Bantam Books, NY, 2000

"One of my favorite ways to organize my everyday and holiday expenses is to establish an envelope system. This is done by designating an envelope for each person on my holiday gift-giving list. On the outside of the envelope I write the person's name, the amount I have budgeted to spend on him or her, and any gift ideas that I might have in mind for the particular individual. Inside the envelope I put aside a designated amount to spend on that individual (and continue over the months until I've saved up enough). When I do my holiday gift shopping, I take the cash-filled envelopes (and no credit cards) and spend only what I have budgeted and put inside the envelopes."