An Upcycled Christmas - PSFK

Photo: PSFK.com

No one has to tell Frugalites like you and me that

Christmas gift-giving needn't be about spending lots of money

and buying the latest hot trend!

That being said,

it seems that our philosophy

may be...

catching on!

Folksy (a kind of UK based Etsy)

and Sue Ryder Care (a health care charity) are running a competition

called Upcycle Christmas.

The goal of the contest is to

transform second hand goods into

fresh new creations suitable for holiday gift-giving.


While this competition is geared toward (but not limited to)

those living in the UK,

it's lovely to know that there is a thought-shift taking place.

Who knows...

Perhaps Etsy will be next?!!


If you would like to learn more please click the link below: