Autumnal Double-Duty Decor

Better Late Than Never...
I should have shown this idea about a month ago,
I'm sorry to tell you it didn't occur to me to share until now!
(Something to file away for next season, perhaps.)
Each autumn I try to do a simple autumn theme instead of a Halloween theme.
For the record, I do put a happy (not scary) jack-0-lantern sign out front
as well as a vintage style jack-0-lantern bucket that we use as sort of luminary...
inside I put about six tea lite candles which are lit on Halloween night.
These two items are taken down on November 1st, but I leave the fresh pumpkins and lanterns up until Thanksgiving. After which I will bake pumpkin pies from the fresh pumpkins (look for upcoming photos and how-to's in ).
I will also leave the lanterns up and include them in our Christmas decor !

The little vignette above is atop a half-moon table on our front porch.
It is so charming when the candle is lit at night,
the window behind it looks into our kitchen and adds a nice flicker inside as well as out.
The little wooden sunflower fell off our door decoration and I thought it was so cute I reused it here.

The above shot is from our porch looking out to the side.
The lantern and the two bird houses stay up year round
while the centerpiece
...a fresh pumpkin atop an iron urn...
changes from season to season!
Easy and double duty.
The Olive Tree in the back ground always wants to join us on the porch...
by growing through the opening!
As well, little squirrels sometimes beg food from the near branches
...yes...we feed them from time to time (it's so hard to say no!).