"Nothing is so simple as greatness."

  •  Simplicity will solve problems not create them.

  • Simplicity is apparent in its eloquence:  Think of The Lord's Prayer and the Bill of Rights.

  • Simplicity is the shortest distance between point A and point B (literally and figuratively)

  • Simplicity has the capability  not only to avoid the false but expose it.

  • Simplicity inspires greatness.  Emerson understood this when he wrote "To be simple is to be great."  Remember, the simple act of watching a tea kettle steam up inspired the steam engine.  Birds in flight inspired man to build airplanes.  A falling apple inspired Newton to uncover the law of gravity.

  • Simplicity enhances lives.  It allows you to appreciate simple pleasures such as nature, family, friends, sustenance, shelter, contentment, education, courage, beauty and thrift.
Excerpt from FRUGAL LUXURIES, Bantam Books, NY, 1997.