This is the first in an ongoing series of posts offering
frugal ways to simplify your holidays.
Adopt a Holiday Notebook
What is a holiday notebook? It's any small organizer; sturdy note pad (with cover); or even a smallish spiral binder. The only criteria is that it ... A) be devoted exclusively to this year's holiday season and ... B) it must be small enough to fit inside your purse. You will be taking this with you everywhere.
Establish a Holiday Budget
Before any serious shopping begins, establish a budget for holiday spending. Give serious and realistic thought to exactly how much money, in total, you are able to spend this holiday season--without melting the plastic and creating a financial hangover in the new year. Include entertaining expenses, baking supplies, decorations that you will need to purchase, as well as the cost of your gifts. Remember to track your spending as you implement your plan. Set up several pages of your holiday notebook to record the spending (leave yourself plenty of room for future entries). Hint: Tape or staple a small manila envelope to the inside of your Holiday Notebook. Use this to hold gift receipts for those inevitable returns, as well as any warranties, or rebate information that correspond to the gifts you'll be purchasing.
To Be Continued....